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About Salem Wellness Clinic

Integrating Naturopathic and Family Nurse Practitioner Care in a Wellness Clinic:

Naturopathic medicine is a unique approach to patient care that treats the whole person by considering the complex interaction of the physical, dietary, mental-emotional, genetic, environmental, and other factors.  The current scope of practice of Naturopathic Medicine includes clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, mental-emotional health, minor surgery, and pharmacologic treatments. Naturopathic medicine is comprehensive patient-centered care.

Nurse practitioners provide comprehensive care based on the nursing model of care which incorporates whole patient care along with patient education. The scope of practice for Family Nurse Practitioner includes well person care, management of chronic disease, mental-emotional health, pharmacologic treatments.

Naturopathic care combined with nurse practitioner care is the perfect combination to give the best care possible to our patients. Natural remedies, good communication, conventional care when needed and an extra dose of education. Just what patients need.

Wellness care is a new concept where the focus is on your health and improving wellness. We do this by helping you embrace a healthy lifestyle, better nutrition, supplements when needed, testing and screening for health issues and addressing your health issues with a whole person approach. We don’t just medicate symptoms, we help you get healthier. Naturopathic care coupled with Nurse Practitioner care is the perfect combination to help you navigate your path to wellness.

Dr. Rodriguez and Rebecca Kelly look forward to a healthy partnership where you, our patient, is the center of the medical team and open communication is the basis of a long-lasting health care relationship.

Our Family of Services Include Salem Women's Clinic - GYN Health Care - Salem Wellness Clinic - Family Health Care Bella Rose Medispa - Medispa Treatments 


Words from our patients

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    "I have a few medical struggles and i have never felt so heard and taken care of from any doctor. I feel that everyone genuinely cares about my wellbeing."

    Bri G.
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    "Sofia is a doll! A sweetheart to talk to, she is a great addition to the clinic."

    Verified Patient
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    "I loved Dr. Sofia, she was amazing!"

    Verified Patient
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    "I feel they actually care for me as a human instead of a paycheck. I would recommend any one to see the Staff in this office they actually so care."

    Vicky L.


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