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I’m Sick of Fad Diets Not Working: Can You Help?

I’m Sick of Fad Diets Not Working: Can You Help?

You’ve seen the fad diets on social media and television. From paleo to keto, fad diets capture the attention of the public by promising quick fixes. While getting caught up in their appeal is easy, most people don’t see the results. 

Even if you’ve had some success with a fad diet in the past, maintaining the results is yet another challenge. While many people experience some rapid weight loss from fad diets, they often regain it quickly or experience adverse health effects like hypoglycemia or high cholesterol due to nutrient imbalances.  

If you’ve run into challenges with fad diets, it’s time to try a more personalized and evidence-based approach. Naturopathic doctor Laika Rodriguez, ND, specializes in holistic weight loss support at Salem Wellness Clinic in Salem, Oregon, to help you reach and maintain your goals without compromising your health.  

Read on to learn how to recognize a fad diet and what to do instead. 

When is a diet a “fad”?

Fad diets are loosely defined as diets that promise quick weight loss, often without any scientific evidence to support the claim. 

If you’re reading about the latest diet and wondering if it’s legitimate, consider that fat diets often:

A good rule is not to follow any specific dieting patterns without consulting a trusted professional. Dr. Rodriguez can teach you about eating from a health perspective so you can make healthy and sustainable dietary decisions. 

The medical weight loss advantage

Medical weight loss is the way to go if you want support or guidelines for your weight loss. Fad diets have everyone following the same rules, while medical weight loss takes your personal needs into account. You consult with Dr. Rodriguez about your weight loss goals and overall health before she creates your individualized weight management program. 

Sometimes, underlying medical conditions present additional challenges for people wanting to lose weight. Thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, and diabetes are just a few examples of conditions that make it challenging to reach your goals. Your medical weight loss program accounts for conditions like these and can include treatments. 

Nutrition and lifestyle counseling are at the core of your medical weight loss program. Dr. Rodriguez provides personalized recommendations and teaches you the principles of nutrition. 

Next, she helps you develop sustainable eating habits that won’t cause you to feel chronically hungry or “crash” and relapse into unhealthy tendencies. Other strategies include:

Weekly coaching sessions motivate you to stay on track and allow you to see your progress in real time. Dr. Rodriguez adjusts your program according to your evolving needs and can answer your questions about health and wellness. 

The benefits of healthy weight loss

While some fad diets can result in higher lipid profiles and other adverse health effects, a medical weight loss program improves your health. The benefits of evidence-based weight loss strategies include:

Dr. Rodriguez examines you before you take part in medical weight loss to establish your baseline measurements so she can track improvements over time. 

Getting started

Don’t wait for the next fad diet to give weight loss another try. Call Salem Wellness Clinic or schedule an online consultation for personalized weight loss guidance today.

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