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Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Not many chronic diseases are reversible, but Type 2 diabetes is an exception. If you manage the condition with healthy lifestyle changes, diet management, and medications, you improve your chance of reversing the condition. 

However, you’ll remain at risk of high blood sugar, so any healthy changes you make need to be lifelong. 

Laika Rodriguez, ND, is a primary care naturopathic doctor who provides individualized care to help you lower your blood sugar, manage your weight, and get the best possible outcome from diabetes management. At Salem Wellness Clinic in Salem, Oregon, you can trust Dr. Rodriguez and the team for direction and support regarding diabetes care.

How does Type 2 diabetes start?

Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adulthood, unlike Type 1 diabetes, which typically develops from birth or childhood. If you have Type 2 diabetes, your body either doesn’t produce enough of the hormone insulin to keep up with demand or can’t use the insulin effectively. Insulin transfers glucose (blood sugar) from your bloodstream into your cells to be converted into energy. 

Many people are genetically prone to Type 2 diabetes, but other factors can also increase your risk. You should talk to our team about your diabetes risk if you:

Around 1 in 3 adults in the United States has prediabetes, a condition involving high blood sugar that puts you at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. 

What you can do to reverse Type 2 diabetes

You don’t always need medications to manage your blood sugar. While you might need to take medications as part of diabetes treatment initially, adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve your condition. 

First, you need to manage your weight. Not all weight loss is healthy, but an individualized weight management program that accounts for diabetes can control your blood sugar and help you use insulin more effectively. 

An ideal Type 2 diabetes management plan aiming to reverse Type 2 diabetes involves:

Nutrition and diet management

Your diet should be full of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals with limited sugar, fat, and salt. Dr. Rodriguez can help you make simple and sustainable dietary modifications to manage your blood sugar without causing nutrient deficiencies. Here are some easy tips to start:

Dr. Rodriguez helps you determine an appropriate number of calories for your daily intake to maintain a healthy weight. 

Physical activity

Exercise has indisputable health benefits for everyone and is a cornerstone of effective Type 2 diabetes management. Even a moderate amount of low-intensity exercise makes a difference, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends aiming for around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. 

Medications as prescribed

While you might eventually reach a point where medications aren’t necessary, take any prescribed medications or supplements according to Dr. Rodriguez’s instructions. 

Other lifestyle recommendations

Dr. Rodriguez might have other diabetes-friendly suggestions, including smoking and tobacco cessation. People who smoke cigarettes are 30-40% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes and complications like kidney disease and retinopathy. 

Even if your diabetes goes into remission, you’ll need to stay mindful and proactive about your health. For tailored guidance on managing and possibly reversing your diabetes, book an appointment online or over the phone at Salem Wellness Clinic today. 

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