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Is the Weather Making Me Tired?

Is the Weather Making Me Tired?

Many people acknowledge the weather's impact on their moods, but could it affect your energy levels? Among fibromyalgia patients, studies show that weather sensitivity can significantly decrease quality of life. The same is true for many people who experience increased fatigue and inflammatory pain when the weather changes for the worse. 

January in Oregon is full of cloudy days, cold weather, and the occasional snow. Amplified fatigue or physical discomfort during the year's first month probably isn’t just in your head. You can thank these weather changes. 

Although research about the connections between weather and weariness is still ongoing, Laika Rodriguez, ND, can provide personalized naturopathic care at Salem Wellness Clinic in Salem, Oregon, to help you feel better. 

If the clouds and cold give you the urge to get cozy and hunker down, we can help. In this article, we’ll discuss the science behind your wintertime exhaustion. 

Barometric pressure and its influence

The rain or snow outside isn’t directly influencing your energy levels and wellness. But this type of weather comes with barometric pressure changes that can affect how you feel. Barometric pressure refers to the weight or pressure of the air around you. Your altitude and the humidity also affect barometric pressure. 

Cold and cloudy weather lowers the barometric pressure. It reduces your blood oxygen levels and your blood pressure. If you have diabetes, low barometric pressure can also increase your blood viscosity. Collectively, these changes can slow you down and cause fatigue.

A drop in barometric pressure also increases the pressure difference in your sinuses versus the outside world. This is why you might feel a lot of pressure in your face and head when the weather is poor. Along with fatigue, many people report headaches, inflammation, and joint pain in cold and wet weather. 

High barometric pressure, associated with clear skies and sunny weather, also brings challenges. Some people experience blood pressure increases and a higher risk of heart attacks when the barometric pressure is high. 

Tips for staying energized in the winter weather

Overcoming fatigue can be challenging in the winter, but it’s possible. You won’t need to take medications to alleviate your fatigue. Instead, you can do it naturally with naturopathic care. Simply follow Dr. Rodriguez’s recommendations for optimizing your health and restoring equilibrium in your body. 

Lowering inflammation in your body is the main objective of treating fatigue with healthy habit changes. Salem Wellness Clinic offers helpful guidance for:

Optimizing your health benefits makes you more resilient against the influences you can’t control. 

If you’re feeling extra drowsy this January, Salem Wellness Clinic can help. Call the office or book an appointment online to restore your energy today. 

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