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My Mom Has a Thyroid Disorder. Will I Get It Too?

My Mom Has a Thyroid Disorder. Will I Get It Too?

You can thank your thyroid gland for controlling your metabolism — the process your body uses to convert food into energy. Without your thyroid, your cells couldn’t function because they would have no power. 

When the thyroid gland cannot produce sufficient hormones (hypothyroidism), or when it makes too many (hyperthyroidism), you feel the effects. Thyroid disorders can cause a range of surprising symptoms, including hair loss, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. If a detailed medical evaluation finds your symptoms to be from a thyroid hormone imbalance, hormone management can support your metabolism and reduce the symptoms. 

Naturopathic doctor Laika Rodriguez, ND, specializes in integrative and patient-centered hormone regulation at Salem Wellness Clinic, emphasizing natural and behavioral therapies. At the office in Salem, Oregon, Dr. Rodriguez evaluates your symptoms and provides personalized care recommendations to help you manage a thyroid disorder. 

The genetic side of hormone imbalance

Many people wonder if having a family member with a thyroid disorder puts them at risk of the condition.

While there’s no guarantee of developing the thyroid disorder your mother has, you are at increased risk. That’s because your genetics determine over 65% of your thyroid hormone production. 

That is especially true with thyroid dysfunction caused by autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis — a condition where your immune system attacks and destroys hormone-producing cells in your thyroid. 

Fortunately, being aware of your family’s medical history enables proactive steps. Thyroid disorders generally aren’t preventable, but there are many naturopathic treatments. 

Balancing your hormones the natural way

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in naturopathic care for thyroid disorders. While thyroid disorders are often treatable with medications and surgery, these clinical options aren’t always necessary. 

After evaluating your condition, Dr. Rodriguez educates you about natural hormone management. For many people, it involves adjusting their diet and lifestyle. You might benefit from:

To get the nutrients needed for a healthier thyroid, Dr. Rodriguez may suggest modifying your diet or taking natural supplements to replenish these nutrients. 

If lifestyle modifications aren’t enough to manage your thyroid symptoms, clinical care with medications may help. Additionally, for hyperthyroidism, thyroidectomy surgery is sometimes necessary. 

Evaluate your thyroid health today

Salem Wellness Clinic invites you to book an appointment to review your hormone health today. Call the office or book online at your earliest convenience.

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