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When to Worry About Constant Fatigue

When to Worry About Constant Fatigue

After a long weekend or an evening on the town, you might feel like staying in bed the next day. This is a perfectly reasonable level of fatigue that everyone experiences on occasion. Yet, fatigue isn’t always so innocent. If you feel fatigued daily or most of the time, it’s time for a comprehensive evaluation at Salem Wellness Clinic.  

At our office in Salem, Oregon, trusted naturopathic doctor Laika Rodriguez, ND, understands fatigue from a holistic perspective and can investigate its possible causes. 

Rather than making a diagnosis, writing a prescription, and sending you on your way, Dr. Rodriguez thoroughly evaluates your overall health and creates an individualized care plan to support whole-body healing. She continues to monitor you with regular follow-ups and provides continuous guidance. 

You might wonder why your fatigue feels relentless. Fatigue that doesn’t let up can indicate an underlying medical condition requiring professional treatment or lifestyle changes. 

When to expect fatigue

A majority of people experience fatigue occasionally, especially in the workforce. In fact, a recent report showed that 97% of workers have at least one risk factor for fatigue. If you experience insomnia, long working hours, a busy schedule, or heavy drinking, you can expect to feel exceptionally tired in response. 

Low energy and tiredness also increase with age, which might explain why you can’t keep up with certain obligations. Even if the fatigue you experience is expected, Dr. Rodriguez can help you implement simple lifestyle changes to conserve energy. 

Chronic fatigue — a long-term issue

Fatigue lasting a month or longer without improving in response to habit changes is called chronic fatigue. This type of fatigue is usually a sign of an underlying condition or a result of multiple contributing factors. Though fatigue can be challenging to define, chronic fatigue or low energy tends to appear with:

If you’ve ruled out suspected causes of your fatigue and are left with more questions than answers, contact Salem Wellness Clinic for personalized and natural remedies that consider the overall impact of fatigue on your body and life. 

When fatigue is an emergency

In rare cases, sudden and unrelenting fatigue is a sign of an urgent issue that needs medical attention immediately. When identifying emergency fatigue, look for these severe symptoms:

Collectively, these symptoms can indicate a heart or vascular problem. Call 9-1-1 immediately.

Naturopathic medicine for chronic fatigue

Dr. Rodriquez specializes in naturopathic medicine, a specialty that uses natural remedies to assist your body with self-healing and wellness. If you don’t have an explanation for your long-lasting fatigue, call Salem Wellness Clinic or schedule an appointment online at your earliest convenience. 

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